So it was freedom day.

What a sad day, when you think how our freedom was taken away this past year. The government decided what’s best for us. We were never consulted.

We faced lock-downs upon lock downs with little tangible benefit. The poor were hit the hardest. News was sanitised. Opposing views were not tolerated by government, mainstream media and the medical profession.

There was no platform for free and open debate. Anyone, no matter how sincere, with an opposing view was demonised and labelled a lunatic. This abhorrent attitude was most rife in the medical profession.

Medicine, as a science, used to encourage robust debate with dignity. No one was called ugly names.

But during Covid, any doctor or scientist, no matter how highly qualified, was referred to as a lunatic and ostracized, if he/she challenged a prevailing view. Medicine suddenly, became like a new religion. Anyone who had a contrary view was charged for spreading misinformation.

Thinking was totally stiffled and shut.

Journalists in mainstream media were gagged. Major adverse events from the vaccines was hardly mentioned. Deaths and major complications associated with the vaccine were dismissed as minor.

People, who experienced a major adverse event, were denied any form of compensation. Their families were left totally destitute.

Doctors, who tried to expose the adverse events in public were threatened. They were asked to shut up or face dismissal.

Then frontline workers, without their consent, were made to take the vaccine or face punitive action if they refused. Many suffered severe adverse events like death, bleeding and blindness.

The well established drug, Ivermectin, with an unassailable excellent safety record was overlooked and disregarded in favour much more expensive, toxic and less effective drugs. Families had to run judges to compell doctors to treat their dying loved ones with Ivermectin. During the pandemic, almost the entire Medical profession was in denial about the efficacy and safety of Ivermectin, resulting in the loss of so many lives.

I could not help but ask, if if this is a democracy with so much restrictions, how different is life in a dictatorship?

Today I realized how our freedom was wrenched from our hands. We had to submit to Draconian laws with no opportunity to express ourselves.

Today, I did not celebrate freedom day but mourned the loss of our freedom in a democracy.

27 April 2021

Tranformative Health Justice NPC