Transformative Health Justice (THJ) supports the critical C19 statement issued by UNITRALESA today

  1. We would like our people to stop being subjected to experimental vaccines by our government with immediate effect, unless they are clearly advised that these vaccines are still experimental and should be given all relevant information and allowed to decide without threats or coercion .
  2. The government should make all proven available repurposed drugs for covid 19 management such as Ivermectin, hydro chloroquine and supplements such as Zinc and vitamin D, available to all the inhabitants of the country in need.
  3. The government should also speedily finalize research on herbal products that would help in the management of Covid 19.
  4. Other measures meant to contain Covid 19 should continue to be observed.
  5. Vaccine passports should not be entertained in all circumstances.




Tranformative Health Justice NPC

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Transformative Health Justice

Transformative Health Justice

Tranformative Health Justice NPC

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