THJ’s SAVAERS project recognised by SAHPRA - email invitation to meet

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4 min readSep 27, 2021

In August, SAHPRA reached out to Transformative Health Justice regarding our SAVAERS project. Why? Well, as per the email below, SAHPRA recognises our work and wants to work together collaboratively. Wonderful. Why didn’t we make it public sooner? We want to engage SAHPRA in good faith, and always in the public interest.

Email from SAHPRA to THJ’s SAVAERS project

After a discussion, THJ leadership agreed that meeting with SAHPRA could be be beneficial to understand what their ideas are, but also to ask questions that people have a right to know regarding their handling of reports, assessment of adverse effects, and of course, compensation. Therefore, our reply below:

Since then, it appears that SAHPRA has been busy with multiple articles and videos claiming that serious effects or deaths are not due to the jab, which are recorded as having thousands of adverse effects in other countries. After sending THJ that email, SAHPRA have tried to discredit VAERS systems in general. It appears to be because the SAVAERS system creates a necessary pressure to be more transparent with the nation. In South Africa, credible whistleblowers are reporting issues with the government’s system. Note to reader: SAVAERS’ modest statistics prove that there is zero exaggeration. Not only, that, but US government VAERS data is proved to have cases deleted.

Here’s an interesting article:

Don’t get us wrong. We are happy that after THJ launched SAVAERS in May, three months before SAHPRA’s system was launched, that SAHPRA is finally releasing more information to the public. Even if the majority of people (see social media comments as one example) do not believe SAHPRA, due to their bias towards protecting vaccine deals and maintaining pharma funding. It appears to be more important to protect conflicted positions of influence, than to protect the lives and livelihoods of South African taxpayers and poor.

THJ has zero such conflicts of interest, which is why we are trusted with SAVAERS. So much so, that THJ is contacted by people from other countries (like Malaysia and Swaziland) who want THJ’s help to set up similar systems, because they too, do not trust their governments. Imagine that. Not one country trusts its government to be honest. Of course, we agree to assist.

We know and appreciate that there are various Telegram groups where people talk about their experiences. It is however critical to transfer those stories into SAVAERS reports that can be used as evidence. As THJ is involved in legal action regarding the jabs, your support with affidavits etc will be most valuable to protect our nation from harm. In the US, there is a call to investigate the CDC for their methods of reporting regarding Covid-19:

THJ has also created a popular quick form, not only for you to report smoothly, but also to share your thoughts on critical issues such as informed consent, who you think should be held responsible for your negative experience, and your message to the public. Your easy link to the quick form is .Please try to share this link regularly.

Remember Mzansi, you have a right to be heard. What you experienced or are experiencing through the jabs is not your fault. Together with allies nationally and globally, THJ will ensure the health of our nation is paramount.

PS: Remember to take a photo next to THJ billboards and digital screens! Thank you to our committed friends at Hope4Humanity for your ongoing support.

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