SAHPRA rejects human rights, dismisses letter from 70+ medical professionals - about C19 jab effects

Transformative Health Justice
4 min readMar 19, 2022


More than a month after 70+ medical professionals wrote to SAHPRA about negative effects they are seeing in people taking the C19 injection products, SAHPRA finally decided to reply. The reply is basically a cut and paste of their Pfizer press release, mixed with some PR speak, with a whopper right at the end.

For background into this story, read THJ’s article updates:

Here is SAHPRA’s reply to THJ and the doctors:

Here it is in text format (note Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is not a doctor):

“Dr Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

SAHPRA Clarifies the balance of risks and benefits of the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine

This letter serves to respond to communication received from the Transformative Health Justice (THJ) on the 16 February 2022. Please note that I do not intent to address every point raised, but rather to indicate the process that SAHPRA applies in identification, monitoring and reviewing adverse events. Furthermore, the approaches contained here are those of SAHPRA and not of the HPCSA or SAMA.

All COVID-19 vaccines authorised for use in South Africa have been evaluated for quality, safety and efficacy, and have been shown to prevent serious disease and death. On an ongoing basis, suspected adverse events following immunisation (AEFIs) encountered with COVID-19 vaccines are reported by health professionals and the public to SAHPRA. Certain adverse events have been designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as adverse events of special interest (AESI). These AESIs are investigated by various regulatory authorities across the world. AESIs need to be carefully monitored and any potential association with vaccination must be confirmed by further investigation.

All vaccine manufacturers are required to submit risk management plans (RMPs), which are approved by the Authority. RMPs are meant to identify the potential risks associated with a health product, measures to mitigate against the identified risks, and the means to assess the effectiveness of those risk minimisation measures. Manufacturers also submit periodic safety update reports (PSUR), which summarise the data obtained from all spontaneous adverse event reporting systems, ongoing clinical trials and other studies, publications in the medical literature, and other regulatory authorities.

SAHPRA ensures that all health products, including vaccines, have undergone the requisite evaluation and assessments that meet regulatory requirement prior to being made available to the public. Safety is an important concern and no product, including vaccines, will be made available to the public if there are any indications that public safety will be compromised.”

Now here is what SAHPRA said about the Pfizer [court ordered] released of [redacted] safety related reports. Note: There was no social media leak, and anyone saying that is spreading disinformation to mislead the public:

And, in case you missed it [and saved 1 hour and 32 minutes of your precious time], here is SAHPRA’s webinar on adverse effects, telling us how good SAHPRA is, and concluding that we have absolutely nothing to worry about, while they remain loyal to Big pHarma:

During the webinar, THJ CEO Shabnam Palesa Mohamed asked 6 questions. Two were repeated: Why has SAHPRA not responded to 70+ doctors trying to warn them about the catastrophic effects of C19 jab products on people’s lives. The question was not answered then. And it it not answered now.

Ignoring what our courageous medical professionals are saying means:

  1. We do not have a pharmacovigilance system in South Africa
  2. SAHPRA lacks both skills and capacity to make sure we are safe
  3. SAHPRA is not loyal to the public. They answer to Big Funders, with gross conflicts of interest on C19 injections and other products


  1. Email SAHPRA’s public faces and insist that they meet with representatives of now 100+ doctors about these risky C19 shots.
    Title your emails: SAHPRA — Do The Right Thing: and
  2. Keep reporting all negative post C19 jab effects to and encourage people to report
  3. Donate to THJ - SA VAERS so we continue raising awareness and action:
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