70+ South African doctors warned SAHPRA about adverse effects from the C19 injections

Transformative Health Justice
4 min readMar 3, 2022

In February, SA VAERS (Transformative Health Justice) was asked to assist over 70 health care professionals, with their letter raising serious concerns about adverse effects they are seeing in people taking the C19 injections.


The letter focused on:
a) Observed post-vaccination adverse events
b) Blocking the spread of SARS COV2 as a reason to mandate vaccines
c) RCT data, serious illness, death and vaccine safety

With regards to negative effects after the injections, they share:

Since the vaccine roll-out started, many of us have been caring for patients who have presented with new-onset of illness shortly after vaccination. The occurrences range from:

Bell’s palsy,
Herpes simplex virus outbreaks,
Epstein-Barr virus reactivation to diabetogenic changes,
menstrual disruptions,
neurological manifestations (e.g., persistent paresthesia, Parkinson’s disease, transient ischemic attacks)
Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VIITTP).
We also notice cardiovascular problems, for example deep vein thrombosis, myocarditis, myocardial infarcts, thrombophlebitis, cerebrovascular incidents, and pulmonary emboli commonly.

Most concerning are patients, who have established autoimmune disorders and are stable on treatment, who seem to deteriorate almost without exception in the months post vaccination. In many cases their therapies stop working. It takes months for them to get back to their pre-vaccination energy and pain levels if at all.

We don’t know how to treat these patients because the pathogenesis of vaccine-induced injury has not been defined. This is distressing for us and our patients.

Many of these events are managed at a primary health care level and their frequency will not necessarily be noticed by epidemiologists or specialists who work in secondary and tertiary centres. Many of us have been in private practice for decades and we have never noticed such frequent events after administration of older well-known vaccines.

We also notice that our patients are not taken seriously by the medical system. When they attempt to report their adverse events or even when they seek medical treatment, they are often dismissed. Patients who are medically exempted from vaccination face discrimination in the workplace and on campuses.

In addition, the adverse event reports filed to our local authorities are not reported to the public so there is essentially no awareness or transparency of this important issue.”

Our liability as front-line clinicians in supporting mandatory vaccination remains unclear. We are concerned for the health of our patients. We are aware that arguing that we were just “following orders” by supporting a risky mandatory medical intervention, will not be accepted as a legal defense. It is our moral obligation, as physicians who have taken the Hippocratic Oath, to raise these matters with you. Since SAMA, SAHPRA and the HPCSA advocate for and protects patients and physicians, we ask for your support in this matter.


As the letter is in alignment with negative and dangerous post-injection effects reported via SA VAERS and around the world, THJ wrote a cover letter and sent the medical professionals’ letter to SAHPRA , SAMA and the HPCSA on the 16th of February 2022. You can view the letter here.

SAHPRA was given a deadline to respond. While SAHPRA confirmed receipt, to date there has been no response. Follow ups emails were met with:

Please note that SAHPRA will still deliberate on the matter with other stakeholders. SAHPRA is at the moment inundated with the COVID queries. We do not have the deadline for providing feedback at the moment. However, once everything has been deliberated on we will respond to you as soon as possible.”

This chilling response would imply that SAHPRA does not consider the harm being caused to people after taking the jab as a Covid-related matter. Also, that SAHPRA, despite its funding from government (the people) and private sources, lacks the capacity to perform proper pharmacovigilance monitoring and evaluation. This is now a matter of critical national importance.


In consultation, THJ is releasing the letter to the public, and asking for your support to raise awareness and activate action in these 3 important ways:

1. If you are a medical professional who supports the letter of concern, please add your name to this quick form:

2. Remember to keep reporting negative injection effects to www.SAVAERS.co.za .Reporting gives a voice to victims, raises awareness through data, and enhances both transparency and accountability.

3. If you applied for compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering, or you intend to apply, please fill in this survey.


Without a doubt, these C19 injections are the most risky and possibly most ineffective and expensive injections of all time. The World Council for Health issued a Declaration against them, which you can find here and serve on any person, organisation, or government involved in the C19 jab trial.

Our country’s future cannot be held hostage by these injections, when safe and effective treatments for coronavirus have always existed. Together let us mobilise for access and for an immediate stop of the failed trial on our people.

More updates will follow. Masisukume sakhe. Let us stand together.

Transformative Health Justice (THJ)
3 March 2022