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Transformative Health Justice — August 2021

It has been a trailblazing 8 months since THJ began this health activism movement with the SAHARI campaign, and then the SAVAERS project. Every day, we move closer towards truth, health, justice and freedom, both nationally and globally. There is a new development almost every minute and we want to share some highlights and calls to action with our members.


Many people noticed that the THJ SAHARI Facebook group was disabled and reached out to us because they miss the space. This fearful tactic by Facebook happened soon after sharing the video of Trevor Musgrove’s wife appealing for help for her husband Trevor, who is severely injured post the jab. Facebook’s reason for disabling the group was ‘hate speech’, which makes no sense. The only hate speech we are seeing, is people gaslighting jab victims and trying to censor or insult them. We will not stand for bullying or harassment, and ask that you stand by anyone who is experiencing adverse effects. This is Ubuntu. Ps: We ARE proud that ours is one of the groups Facebook and its Big Pharma friends and puppets are afraid of.

  • Action: A Transformative Health Justice Facebook *page* exists. Please give it a like. Content here will be activities we are driving or supporting.
  • A new THJ Facebook *group* has been set up for more interaction. We know you miss the previous group and thank you for the messages asking about a new group. Just remember to outsmart the censorship! .
  • An email newsletter will also be created to share important information or ways to get involved — you will be able to sign up from the THJ website.
  • We again encourage you to join THJ on Telegram, where information is not censored and where we can plan activities for the road ahead of us:



B. #SAVAERS (South African Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

Launched in May, SAVAERS is collecting important data on the negative effects of the jabs in South Africa. The project has the support of doctors, scientists, lawyers and civil society. THJ was also invited to present SAVAERS to a Malaysian delegation who were both impressed and inspired to collect their own data. SAVAERS will now be moving into Phase 2 of its plan which is to expand the team, invest in more tech, and do more outreach work.

We are delighted to share that multilingual SAVAERS billboards and digital screens are going up all around our beautiful country, encouraging people to report negative effects of the jabs. Shout out to the #Hope4Humanity team!

* Actions:

— You can report negative jab effects via THJ’s new and easy to use form:

— If you can help (for example, with ideas, flyer, stickers, translations, billboards, sponsorships etc), please email

— Watch and share The People’s Voice interview with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and post jab injured Trevor Musgrove and his wife Carol: .
If you can help, email

— If you spot one of the SAVAERS boards or digital screens, take a photo or video and share them national and globally.

— Please visit for more information about groups and organisations that support safe and effective treatments.

C. SAHARI (South Africa Has A Right to Ivermectin)

THJ continues to be involved in multiple groups, platforms and initiatives that advocate for Ivermectin, and other treatments that are effective, safe and low cost. In July, SAHARI was represented at World Ivermectin Day. SAHARI features in the #Hope4Humanity Campaign as the first grassroots IVM movement in SA. You will also see our THJ and SAHARI logos on #Hope4Humanity billboards and towers around our beautiful country. These inspiring boards are dedicated to raising awareness that treatments exist. We have a right to know, and a right to health. Let’s share knowledge to empower! SAHARI also offered an award of gratitude on the birthday of Nobel prize winning Ivermectin discoverer, Prof Satoshi Omura, from Japan.


In August, Transformative Health Justice gave awards in appreciation of and in solidarity with Dr Ivan Jardine, Dr Sohail Bayat, Dr Pinky Ngcakani, Prof Colleen Aldous, Fahrie Hassan, and Adv. Sabelo Sibanda. These awards are for commitment to truth, health, justice and freedom and outstanding service to humanity. The recipients were pleasantly surprised and thanked THJ.


THJ co-director Shabnam Palesa Mohamed has been appointed to the steering committee of the World Council for Health. She was nominated by Dr Tess Lawrie, and serves alongside medical professionals and allies from around the world. She also serves as chair of the legal committee.

  • Action: If you are with a South African organization that wants to become an affiliate of the CFH, send an email to
First South African appointed to World Council for Health (WCH) Transformative Health Justice (THJ) celebrates the invitation of activist, journalist and mediator Shabnam Palesa Mohamed to the World Council for Health (WCH) during Women’s Month, 2 August 2021. Shabnam is the first person and woman, from the South of our planet, to be included in the steering committee of the WCH. She is also the chairperson of its legal committee. She says “There is no greater need right now than for humanity to unite for the sake of truth, health, and freedom. I’m honoured to serve and lead as a member of the World Council for Health.” “Transformative Health Justice and the International Legal Alliance for Health are both affiliate members of the World Council for Health, and we look forward to more organisations joining WCH.” #TransformativeHealthJustice #HealthActivism #SouthAfrica #Global


THJ announces that it is part of the SA Chapter of the International Legal Alliance for Health, which was formed earlier this year. THJ co-director Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is on the steering committee of the international body, alongside colleagues from South Africa, North America and Europe. The steering committee of the SA Chapter includes Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Adv. Sabelo Sibanda, Fahrie Hassan. This chapter is very active.

Legal practitioners, medical and science professionals, and our allies in media and activism who wish to join ILAH can email


THJ has been working full steam ahead for the last 8 months. There isn’t enough time in the day to update as often as we would like, on the many highlights that happen every single day. It is key however to reflect on our successes as humanity. We shall overcome! If you would like to volunteer time, skills, networks or resources to our flagship campaigns or projects (SAHARI and SAVAERS) or collaborations (SACCAR — children’s mental health and #GrowFoodSA), please email

In Solidarity for Health

Transformative Health Justice

31 August 2021