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  • A new THJ Facebook *group* has been set up for more interaction. We know you miss the previous group and thank you for the messages asking about a new group. Just remember to outsmart the censorship! .
  • An email newsletter will also be created to share important information or ways to get involved — you will be able to sign up from the THJ website.
  • We again encourage you to join THJ on Telegram, where information is not censored and where we can plan activities for the road ahead of us:
  • Action: If you are with a South African organization that wants to become an affiliate of the CFH, send an email to
First South African appointed to World Council for Health (WCH) Transformative Health Justice (THJ) celebrates the invitation of activist, journalist and mediator Shabnam Palesa Mohamed to the World Council for Health (WCH) during Women’s Month, 2 August 2021. Shabnam is the first person and woman, from the South of our planet, to be included in the steering committee of the WCH. She is also the chairperson of its legal committee. She says “There is no greater need right now than for humanity to unite for the sake of truth, health, and freedom. I’m honoured to serve and lead as a member of the World Council for Health.” “Transformative Health Justice and the International Legal Alliance for Health are both affiliate members of the World Council for Health, and we look forward to more organisations joining WCH.” #TransformativeHealthJustice #HealthActivism #SouthAfrica #Global




Tranformative Health Justice NPC

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Transformative Health Justice

Transformative Health Justice

Tranformative Health Justice NPC

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